[CORRUPTED – 90%] Polishing stage.

Guys, this thing is really excited for me!

Corrupted – The corruption game is on the way to publish now!!

I won’t tell you much, but in this May I have an exhibition Easter Egg
which is an exhibition that has a ton of multimedia works from junior students of
Srinakharinwirot University – Interactive and Multimedia design major“,
and of course, I’ll show my game in the exhibition too, wish you guys to come 😀

Okay, that’s it for now. If I have anything update I’ll let you guys know immediately.

Have a nice day.



Corrupted, in development project [Update]

Hi there!

I’m really really exciting to publish news about my currently developing game called “Corrupted

You guys could check it out here, and I’ll let you know if the project is ready to launch, and it’s very very soon.

Have a nice day!