Weaver #GGJ2018

Long time no see fellows.

I just went back from Global Game Jam 2018 @Rangsit University.
Mannn, it was fun. Tired, but fun.

Our team has 6 members which are,
Khunnaphat Sopharat – 2D Artist
Surasee Triratanaupatum – 3D Artist
Sarinnet Chareanluk – 3D Artist
Sorawit Sakulkalanuwat – Programmer
Visurt Anuttivong – Programmer
And me, Ratthakhet Khunnasut – Game designer

The game we had made in the jam is ‘Weaver‘.
Weaver is a strategy tower defense game.
Its story takes place at the border of the galaxy.
There are human colonies being attacked by Aliens.
You are the commander of the only human race,
the main objective of you is to expand the transmission and gather army forces
to fight back against the aliens.

The gameplay of Weaver is simple.
Your only objective is to protect the Gaia by clicking on stars and build army forces, turret and shield generator.

– Star Nodes: From Gaia(the star at the center), you can connect the node by spending energy to expand your controllable area. The more nodes you have, the more energy regeneration rate you get.
– Only a button: The gameplay is required only a left click of your mouse and your brain.
– Well made assets: Our artists worked well on art assets, I really appreciate that.
– Intense gameplay: I dare you to get to the boss fight.


Download Link

Direct Link from Global Game Jam: Download

P.s. The game isn’t finished yet, but we have plans to work on it.
It has a very good potential, let see how far it can go 🙂

Let’s the war begin.



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