Pirate Party(ies)!

“Pirate Party, is a game for building friendship! (NO LIE)”

Pirate Party is a based-luck featured with “cards game”.
The original game is from a popular game in the past, Pop-up pirate.

Rules of its original game is you have to stab sword on the barrel and pass it to next player, the player who did stabs and the pirate jumps out, he/she win that.


But in our rules, he/she who did stabs and the pirate jumps out, they lose.
Because our game make it a little more varieties of fun by adding these cards,

Every turn when you stabbed the barrel, you have to draw one cards and the effect on cards you draw will work as it wrote on the card. Just DON’T STAB ON THE PIRATE.

The project was finished when I was in 1st semester of Junior student, game design study class.

My major that I’m studying is Multimedia and Interactive Design, but most of them couldn’t do that ‘Interactive’ so much. So, teacher decide to teach Stencyl instead of Unity3D… (How sad, but I still went on with Unity3D anyway :/ )

This project is free, you could download it and building some friendship with your fellas.
I attached game download link below with the design document of the game. Feel free to read it.
It’s still has a bug (Major bug for me.), if I have time I’ll fix it immediately.
And thank you for your time for reading this.

Leave a comment what do you think in this game, I appreciate you all in advanced. 😎

Game Download link : Google Drive.(Alpha version)
Design Document link : Google Drive.(GDD of Pirate Party)

(GDD pages will be bugged when opening with chrome, please download .docx of the file)



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