I was participated in Art Games-game jam with my team in the name as ‘Superjam’.
Our title in the event is ‘Handtopia’which can be played by this link

The title is selected to be 1 of 3 titles that will be sent to the juries in Germany before they will select 1 title to show it in the A MAZE exhibition at Germany.

You can read the Game Design Document: Here


By Superjam

”     When the society has been controlled in the hand of the dictator for years. Everyday with a new rule appears and people must follow.
However, it did not stop people to start a revolution. They have been accumulating from a small group of people into the crowd.
Your job, as the hand of the dictator, is to get rid of people who break the rules and make sure that you flick out the right one. ”

Casual Game

You’ll control the hand and get rid of the people who break the rule set on each day. Such as:
– Don’t eat a banana.
– Don’t use a cell phone.
– Don’t do the moonwalk.

However, be careful not to flick out the wrong person.

– Using mouse to control the hand.
– Hold left mouse button to charge and release to flick the finger.

The game has one core message, which is —
“Even the strongest power of Dictatorship,
it will be defeated by the power of liberty, somehow, someday.”

You can check out full description of the game by this link

Thanks for the Superjam Members.
Ratthakate  Khunnasut : Game Designer ,  Programmer , Sound Editor
Chanatip Kriengkraipetch : Programmer
Sorawit Sakulkalanuwat : Programmer
Khunnaphat Sopharat : Lead Artist , Character Designer , 2D Artist
Nattanun Sumpunkulpak : 2D Artist
Surasee Triratanaupatum : 3D Artist , 2D Artist , Motion Graphic Designer
Sarinnet Chareanluk : UI Designer

p.s. Someone did play my game and posted it on Youtube, it’s so hilarious lol.


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