Desktop Simulator

Desktop Simulator, an RPG/Puzzle simulation game.
a completely self-developed game. (Currently not published)

The game is about to role-playing as a mouse cursor, here’s the story.
“PCs owner just used an Auto Shutdown System (ASS), same as every day.
But today, something happened, something strange.
And your objective is to find the truth and prevent the ASS.”

The unique idea in this game I’ve designed is, every icon will collide with your cursor.
Like when you move yourself(cursor) into Mycom, you’ll hit each other and a chat balloon will pop up on Mycom and say “Hey! You’ve got no eyes?” Something like this.

And in depth, it’ll be the more various ways to figure the objectives.
Because it’s not that easy to get into the main system if you’re not an Administration, is that correct? And this is the fun part of the game. You just have to find it out.


p.s. This project is a commercial project, all right reserved to Ratthadev.


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