Corrupted. [Update 2017-03-13]

Corrupted is a corruption simulator with cards game, which is you’re taking the role as ‘a person’ who has to do corruption as much as you can in only 1 year.

The gameplay is based on cards, strategies, plans and LUCK.

And the rule is easy,
do corruption,
keep yourself aways from getting caught,
and try not to be a nice guy.

This is my junior’s game project. The game’s basis is actually from the idea –

“Too many games about corruption that you have to being nice and get rid of bad guys.
What if I created a game that players don’t have to be nice and be bad guy instead?”
– Dwucky, 2017 –

After that, I design and sketch the game from this scratch idea, and it becomes “Corrupted“.

Gameplay in depth will be talked about in next update, thank you for your reading.

Have a nice day!


(And please don’t tell anybody outside here, the game’s story/information is based on Thai’s corruption history)


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