Corrupted (Demo)

FINALLY !! Corrupted is about to launch(the demo).

The game is about when you have to be a person who has to corrupt a country in 6 months.

Genre: Simulator, Strategy, Cardgame
Age: 15+
How to play & Interactable Object:
Time – 1 Quater = 1 week, 4 Quater = 1 month, you have 6 months to do corrupt.
Phone: You have 2 options,
*1.Call to the secretary to make actions of the weeks.
– Reward is the money you will gain if you succeed the corrupt
– The risk is the percentage of risk that you will get caught from actions.
*2.Call to KBC to bribe them and support them to have more media influence, the more media influence the KBC has, the more chances they will help you when you got a problem.
TV: Use to check media influence of KBC and INDIE news, also you can bribe only KBC but not on INDIE news.
Computer: Check your money and also social suspect, when your social suspect gain to 100% at the end of the month, you’ll get caught.

Demo link: Download

I’m in rush so, this is it for now.
Will edit it later, sorryyyyyy ;-(



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