Bumper Bump! (Sketching)

Bumper Bump! is (planning to be) a multiplayer casual car bumping game.

Its basis is from bumper cars in my childhood, included with many .io games nowadays.

I want to create a game that is about to bumping  the others’ bumper,
and maybe we add some HP, when HP are run out, you jump off your bumper and repair it.
And suddenly, the others drive straight to you and BOOM!
You and your bumper flew always.That would be hilarious.

I’m currently developing and testing some multiplayer features,
it’s a bit hard and I got the main project to do. So, the process might be very slow.

I made a prototype GDD of the game. If you’re interesting, contact me here.
I wish to work with you all guys.

Thank for reading 😎



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