Blink Blink (1st project)


“Blink Blink the game, a scratch from a sketch book.”

This literally is my first game that I’ve ever done with Unity3D.

The rule is simple, you got a circle that could destroy boxes.
All you have to do is ‘Left click’ when red boxes contacted the circle,
and ‘Right click’ when blue boxes contacted the circle.

Sounds easy right? But it’s not that easy.

Because every time you cleared waves, it will be harder and faster!
And also more encounters like Bosses, 3 lives boxes, Purple boxes, etc.

This game is just a prototype for my Unity3D practice (Started about June 2016, currently status; not finished yet…)

I got no plan to develop this game further because of its spaghetti coding. (If you know what I mean)
But thanks for it, I got a lot of lesson from that part.

If you wish to use this idea for your game, just do it but one thing, don’t forget to send it to me, I wish to play it too.
And if you got any problems on any stage of development, feel free to contact me, my contact’s here. See you in the field! 😎



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