Global Game Jam 2018

Long time no see fellows.

I just went back from Global Game Jam 2018 @Rangsit University.
Mannn, it was fun. Tired, but fun.

Our team has 6 members which are,
Khunnaphat Sopharat – 2D Artist
Surasee Triratanaupatum – 3D Artist
Sarinnet Chareanluk – 3D Artist
Sorawit Sakulkalanuwat – Programmer
Visurt Anuttivong – Programmer
And me, Ratthakhet Khunnasut – Game designer

The game we had made in the jam is ‘Weaver‘.
Weaver is a strategy tower defense game.
Its story takes place at the border of the galaxy.
There are human colonies being attacked by Aliens.
You are the commander of the only human race,
the main objective of you is to expand the transmission and gather army forces
to fight back against the aliens.

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[CORRUPTED – 90%] Polishing stage.

Guys, this thing is really excited for me!

Corrupted – The corruption game is on the way to publish now!!

I won’t tell you much, but in this May I have an exhibition Easter Egg
which is an exhibition that has a ton of multimedia works from junior students of
Srinakharinwirot University – Interactive and Multimedia design major“,
and of course, I’ll show my game in the exhibition too, wish you guys to come 😀

Okay, that’s it for now. If I have anything update I’ll let you guys know immediately.

Have a nice day.


Corrupted, 70%

One step forwarded, Corrupted is incoming.

The laziest made version of Corrupted’s milestone above is showing my process of the game.

The final part of the game is 2D graphic now, because I prepared almost everything but the art.

If the final part is finished and optimised, I’ll let you guys know immediately!
Have a nice day.


(It isn’t an actual milestone actually, just something to send my professor about my progression.)


Hello there everyone!

Today is a great day that I proudly to announce about my brand new game studio called –



And the first game of VISTA GAMES is coming very very soon, keep an eye on my website 😎

Have a great day!


p.s. All rights reserved to Ratthakhet Khunnasut. (Name and logo included)

Corrupted, in development project [Update]

Hi there!

I’m really really exciting to publish news about my currently developing game called “Corrupted

You guys could check it out here, and I’ll let you know if the project is ready to launch, and it’s very very soon.

Have a nice day!